Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm and Cozy in Your Mountain View Apartment

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During the winter weather seasons in Los Angeles, you can have a wrong view of the city if you have not experienced winter in the early days. The weather becomes very chilly. However, you can use cold weather tips and tricks to stay warm and cozy in a mountain view apartment. Even though the temperatures do not fluctuate to New York levels, as long as it gets to 60 and 50 degrees, you should be cautious enough not to put on bikinis and sandals.

How to stay warm
Here are some tips to use during the winter weather at mountain view apartment living. You need to have at least a pair of fuzzy socks to put on your feet and keep you warmer. Have mittens and gloves for your hands to avoid hand freezing and keep the warmth. Application of Vaseline over your body can also help in insulating your body and retain your body heat. Blankets can also help in maintaining body heat during the winter seasons.

How to winterize your apartment
You can warm your apartment to help retain heat in your apartment. You can do so by winterizing your apartment. These include; You can heat your bed, apart from heating the entire house, you can use an automatic safe electric blanket. The use of hot water bottle is also a cheaper and safer way to maintain your temperatures.

You can also harvest the sun during the day by opening the curtains and blinds facing South, thus letting in warm air. Later in the night, you can close the windows to insulate the room. Using rollers to open and close the windows in your apartment can save time and energy.
Keep your kitchen humming by drinking a lot of yummy hot chocolate, bake your dinner or a dessert, or anything in your kitchen oven. You can also match instead of lighters since your lighters may fail to work.

Mountain view apartment is the best place to be during the winter season. You can keep yourself warm and cozy by using different clothing or making your apartment cozy for the cold seasons.

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